This is a closed group, for people who are impacted by “schizophrenia”, to support each other..

– Please be kind, funny is good as well.

– This is your community, so it’s up to us all to look after it, don’t just leave it to the admin.

– We try to be democratic, your opinion matters

– What’s said here, stays here, please.

– There is no censorship, so the admin won’t delete your posts but you are still responsible for what you say, we might ask you to change what you write if you are unkind.

– If you are unkind to others we will ask you not to be.

– If you keep being unkind we might kick you out.

– We don’t discriminate on the basis of age, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, nationality etc. If FB accepts you, we accept you.- Please be conscious of this, some people might be vulnerable because of their age or other reasons.

– New people are welcome but if any of our “family” has had a bad experience with someone new who wants to join we will respect that.

– People who want to sell porn or dodgy watches or just want people to click onto their website will be removed.