Australian Vanners

We are not always popular with the sticks and bricks people, the councils and even the police so we live quietly and look after each other.

We operate democratically and the topic of the page is “living in a van in Queensland”, if you have some other cause there are other pages, elsewhere.

We are always polite and respectful to each other. People come from a range of countries and cultures, we might have different ideas about what polite and respectful means.

On this page, polite and respectful usually means:
1) Everyone is equal, no matter where they come from, their gender, religion or their sexual orientation.
2) Respecting other people’s right to an opinion. You don’t have to agree with people but they are entitled to their opinions.
3) We don’t call people insulting things – please don’t do that here.

This is a facebook page, open to the world, there are also groups which are closed and private please contact the administrators if you are interested in participating.