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Working for *No Money

I can work for you for *NO MONEY

There are a number of people experimenting with living without money.

I am experimenting. I haven’t given up money entirely but I am exploring other options.

I can work for YOU for NO MONEY, now.


1) We work can through LETS (local Energy Trading System)

I have joined  BrisLETS   (Brisbane Local Energy Trading System) and if you join a CES  system as well, YOU and I can exchange goods and services for UNITS.

As an example, I do a spreadsheet for you and when you are happy with it, I charge your account 35 UNITS an hour (or .60 a minute), YOU can build up your account balance by supplying another member with good or services.

I am a member of BrisLETS but there are lots of other local exchanges you could join and inter-exchange trading is possible.

2) If you are associated with Self Help or Support Groups in Queensland, I can do some work for you under Self Help Queensland’s banner.

We would need to run it past Trish Fallon


4) Or if that’s all a pain in the arse, I can work for no money or for money