Working for *No Money

I can work for you for *NO MONEY

There are a number of people experimenting with living without money.

I am experimenting. I haven’t given up money entirely but I am exploring other options.

I can work for you for NO MONEY, now.

How confident am I that this is a good idea?

Well not very, it’s by the nature of “lets see if it works out?” and “what harm can it do?” kind of venture.

From your point of view, you can get me to do some work for you for NO MONEY
From my point of view, it’s all experience and learning and I enjoy doing these kind of things.

It could be really good.



1) We work can through LETS (local Energy Trading System)

I have joined  BrisLETS   (Brisbane Local Energy Trading System) and if you join a LETS system as well, YOU and I can exchange goods and services for UNITS.

As an example, I do a spreadsheet for you and when you are happy with it, I charge your account 25 UNITS an hour, YOU can build up your account balance by supplying another member with good or services.

I am a member of BrisLETS but there are lots of other local exchanges you could join and inter-exchange trading is possible.


2) We can work through  TIME BANKING AUSTRALIA ,

YOU and I can can deposit and withdraw hours as we need them,

As an example, I do a pamphlet for YOU, YOU help someone with shopping for a certain number of hours and I get someone to do some proof reading for ME and we all get hours credited and debited from our accounts accordingly.

Registration is free, you have to put up a NEED or an OFFER and we can make a start.

You can register at Time Banking Australia


3) If you are associated with Self Help or Support Groups in Queensland, I can do some work for you under Self Help Queensland’s banner.


4) Or if that’s all a pain in the arse, I can work for no money or for money