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I can Build and Maintain Websites

I CAN: build and maintain websites and complete all the tasks that are associated with this.

With the new technologies (and my help) websites are pretty easy and quick to make, it’s the content and the networks that matter..

Facebook pages can get a lot of attention but they are terrible at keeping important information where people can see it. So a successful FB page or Group needs an associated website.
(and probably vice versa).

If you need a website we could consider:

  • WordPress.com (.com for commercial)  is FREE and quite powerful, I can put a website together for you quite quickly, the paid version offer some extra features but nothing that is indispensable.
    If you want to see what they look like, I’m developing a resource at Roy’s FREE WordPress Resources ALSO This is a FREE WordPress site I developed and co-created with Wide Bay and Burnett Community Exchange.


  • Cloud-based web development platform like Wix often offer free versions and they are pretty simple to put together, this is a good thing.  I thought they were a bit expensive when compared to WordPress.
    This is a nice example of a simple useful website built using one of these platforms Wondai Country Markets they have an associated Facebook Page and lots of bright photos.
    I didn’t build this site, I just like it as a simple, useful and clean example.


  • Drupal is a wonderful free open sourced platform, you could probably do anything with Drupal, The Self Help Queensland site, I maintain, uses Drupal.
    This site is very plain by choice, people with various disabilities might use it and plain is good if people have disabilities.


  • The site you are on now has been built using WordPress.org
    I pay an Internet Service Provider for the space, it gives me a lot of freedom an flexibility
    I pay about $100 dollars a year for the use of the server, registering the domain names cost me $13 and It has taken about 20 hours to get me to this point and $55 to buy the theme.
    It’s a work in progress..I made the choice to do it this way because:
  • I have others websites I run from the same ISP, so it’s already paid for.
  • WordPress.org (.org for FOSS) is very flexible and easy to use and maintain.
  • I enjoy using WordPress.

Work Samples:





3 thoughts on “I can Build and Maintain Websites

  1. Kathryn Spencer

    I’d love a website for the Wide Bay Burnett Exchange
    I know of another new Exchange in WA, they want a website also

    1. royhanfling Post author

      Sounds like a really interesting idea
      I was looking through and thinking some of the exchanges need a website 🙂
      We can use WordPress.com for free.

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