Free and Open Source Software

It might seem a strange thing, to be offering to work for *NO money. It makes sense to me.

Part of the way I work is that I use and promote, free and open source software, most of those expensive items of Commercial Software have a Free Alternative that works as well if not better.

In practical terms it means:

  • I don’t have to, charge customers large amounts of money so, I can afford to buy the tools, to do the work, so I can charge them the money…
  • I can help YOU set up a cheap/free computer with free (in the broadest sense) software so that you can do more wonderful things with the technology. If you grab one of those computers that people throw away, we can install Ubuntu and some of the other wonderful free software and away you go. Net cost $0.00
  • In less practical terms we are helping to build a better world and undermining the big corporations noxious stranglehold on the world.

Some of the software I use and promote include:



Operating system.

Linux, specifically for me Ubuntu Linux 


Microsoft Windoze 10 0r 12 or something, what are they up to?

How come each new version gets more and more horrible ?

$120 dollars of raw frustration


Libre Office


Microsoft Office Suite


Desktop publishing.



Adobe Indesign

$40 for the limited (CSS) version

Microsoft Publisher




 Adobe Photoshop




 Adobe Illustrator


Video editing.



Adobe Premiere