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I can make all kinds of Documents


Make all kinds of documents

  • Workbooks with indexs and covers, in .pdf for printing AND Microsoft Word, if you want to be able to change and update.
  • Posters in any size and quantity. You can pick up from your local Vistaprint, Office Works or local printshop.
  • Pamphlets, flyers any shape or colour.
  • Business Cards, there are an enormous range of possibilites.
  • Books, we could publish a book for you. I can help you get an ISBN number and help you promote it, there is good information hereĀ https://www.myidentifiers.com.au/
  • Magazines, Blogs, Newsletters
  • I can set you up a website to sell you products online.

I won’t do your university essay for you but I can proof read it and help with formatting it properly.

As always I can work for CES Credits, you would need to pay $ for your printing costs

Work Samples:

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