I Can Do That For You.Online

Run a Survey

I Can run a survey for you https://help.surveymonkey.com/categories/Design_Manage

Meetup Groups

I CAN: Help you set up a Meetup Group Meetup groups take the hard work out of organising regular face to fact meetings. Meetup

I can Build and Maintain Websites

I CAN: build and maintain websites and complete all the tasks that are associated with this. With the new technologies (and my

I can Make and Fix things and assemble IKEA furniture.

I CAN: I have a friend, who is an old lady, I go and visit her and fix and make things for her. She says I am quick, do a good

I can support you, on YOUR Projects.

I CAN: Sometimes when I get stuck, it’s useful to get someone to help me past the rough spots. I’m open to helping

I can do Project Planning

I CAN: Help you with project planning and help with funding submissions, I have had quite a bit of success with funding submis

I can help you Outsource Your Work

I CAN: Sometimes it is useful and practical to send work overseas. The book by Timothy Ferriss The Four Hour Work Week speaks

I can make Movies and Animations

I CAN: I have a decent camera and some good digital editing software I can record presentations and events, insert PowerPoint

I can make Memes and Infographics

I CAN: Getting a message across on the internet is increasingly difficult, the secret seems to be short concise statements usi

I can make Graphics

I CAN: Edit photos, remove that annoying ex-husband from an otherwise good photo. Make diagrams, for presentations and website

I can make all kinds of Documents

I CAN: Make all kinds of documents Workbooks with indexs and covers, in .pdf for printing AND Microsoft Word, if you want to b

I can help with Mail-outs

I CAN: If you want lists, I can help you collect and collate them. I can organise Mail Chimp for you or set up a mail-list fro

I can help you make Powerpoints

I CAN: I can help make Powerpoints, I can make templates, I can insert sound-files, I can convert the Powerpoints to video. De

I can help with Facebook Pages and Groups

I CAN: I can help you set up and maintain Facebook Groups and Pages. I can help you make effective cover photos. Effective adv