Today i’m working on the site structure:

Everything I post here is included in a category of posts, You can see the categories that have posts in them in the sidebar under the heading PROJECTS, to the right.

Categories have subcategories, I used a plugin called

I have built pages for each project and example is

The idea is that when I make a post I can publish that post to a variety of places that are part of that project and participate in

The idea is that I can participate in conversations in a number of other place using post from here

one model might be a package the contains:

  • A meme which get across one point
  • the meme contains a link to a post
  • the information includes an archive of past discussion
  • the post is undated to include new information
  • and there are places for discussion


CAN I BUMP UPDATED POSTS – yes change the time stamp



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