I am interested in modern day slavery, in Australia
Our government has our young, our old, our sick and our indigenous people on compulsory/voluntary work - Slavery

It costs a cool billion dollars and seems to have no appreciable effect on the unemployment rate, how could we imagine a pool of free labor would?
Social Security payments were never seen as a "wage" so people are working for no pay - Slavery

Even if we were to argue that the payments were a "wage" they are 30% below the poverty level and below the minimum wage, so illegal.
Working for less than subsistence is still - Slavery

There are no holidays.

There is no accident compensation insurance.

No rights, entitlements or choice.



What do you think about this?………………

Are you comfortable about calling it Slavery?…………………………………………….

What should I do about it?……………………

11 thoughts on “Slavery”

    1. I think you might be right
      there is a lot going on, everyday

      I’ve been collecting some stuff at a FB group CENTALINK SUCKS!

      and the stories are very important, it’s a bit unreal otherwise, that we are enslaving people, here, now.

      The situation with the indigenous people is appalling
      they are required to do 10 more hours a week than people in “white” areas
      and they are in income control areas……

      all seems nightmarishly familiar

  1. When I was on the dole, I took the attitude that if I’m accepting the money, I had to accept the conditions it came with – if they wanted me to fill out a silly dole-diary and turn up to job networks and do courses, I did as asked and treated it all as what I was getting the money for.

    But if ‘Work for the Dole’ really isn’t paying anywhere near proper wages for the work being done … I guess your choices are to accept it, and try to get a better job – or to refuse it (and the money) and try to challenge it’s legality. I’d be curious as to whether anyone’s tried that. Thankfully I haven’t been put in this position yet.

    1. I’m thinking of challenging it
      but I don’t have money for a high court challenge
      i have other resources, social media skills, perhaps

      it’s not proper wages for the work done
      in fact it’s free labor, how is that going to help unemployment

      I’m too old and sick to work more than an hour at at a time, happens
      my chances of getting and keeping a job are about zero
      seriously I would have to warn potential employers, “I’m stuffed after an hours work”
      once upon a time, they would have given me a disability pension or I could retire at 60

      this “newstart” bullshit is a cruel joke, for me 🙂
      i’m done

      1. My understanding is that Work for the Dole only applies from 30 to 45 years of age.

        I suppose Trade Hall has had a go at challenging it – but I don’t remember hearing about it.

        I was surprised to see that for-profit organisation are given the free labour, rather than (or perhaps as well as?) not-for-profits. That makes no sense.

        1. I’m on another scheme, for over 55’s
          I do 15 hours a week compulsory/volunteer work

          I was assessed by their panel as being capable of 8 hours a week (no one gets 0 😉 )

          but then when I was assigned a job network provider they said that it was 8 hours “unsupported”, not that they do anything.
          so I need to do 15 hours like everyone else

          fortunately I love my chains, I did get to choose my masters so I choose something I cared about.

          this is not considered “work” so there is no accident compensation and no holidays and no compensation for the extra expenses from centalink
          it’s 52 weeks a year

          It’s quite draining, I am not allowed to telecommute even though it’s IT work
          but we have agreed I can work from local libraries and other public spaces for part of the time.
          I’m pretty stuffed these days 🙂

          The indigenous people have to work 25 hours a week, because they are in “income control” areas

          It’s blatantly racist

  2. Just figuring here about a girl who worked her entire life on behalf of other people. Gets to the top of her tree and has to end her working life through her resignation, so no money, in order to survive, just for the record, she was forced into this position through Gestapo type tactics. She lost her marriage. Her children. Her friendships. Her sense if humour became quite, sardonic. Her children moved on. Her life was her own. But there was a problem. She could not find a job or get a reference. So had to support herself in a means test environment, UK, and because she had no nanny mentality, she had to live, from hand to mouth, for she could not find somewhere to live, for the reason is, you are if a certain age, and you are no longer viable in this modern day society. So she unwillingly left her country and took time out. Ready for the day she could come back. Mental illness UK is synonymous with horror for there are 5,000 million subjects, including Northern Ireland, who subsist on the dole and many are, as it is called, on job seeker’s allowance. And that is all. I got to say on the subject for now.

  3. “You would like to think that slavery only came into a country like Australia informally through some very small businesses but there are some very large business on both the east coast and the west coast where there has been clear evidence of forced labour and abusive labour practices including incidences where migrant workers are having their passports withheld,” Mr Forrest told The Australian.”

    mining chief Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest

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