..a minor setback

I put the wrong powerplug into the back of my computer
5volts reversed polarity
the laptop died without a whimper.

So so I bought two new recycled ones from Australian Computer Traders and i’m getting back to business

I enjoyed my experience with Australian Computer Traders so much I bought another one for a friend
Takes a bit of setting up but he has a useable laptop for $135



Today i’m working on the site structure:

Everything I post here is included in a category of posts, You can see the categories that have posts in them in the sidebar under the heading PROJECTS, to the right.

Categories have subcategories, I used a plugin called

I have built pages for each project and example is

The idea is that when I make a post I can publish that post to a variety of places that are part of that project and participate in

The idea is that I can participate in conversations in a number of other place using post from here

one model might be a package the contains:

  • A meme which get across one point
  • the meme contains a link to a post
  • the information includes an archive of past discussion
  • the post is undated to include new information
  • and there are places for discussion


CAN I BUMP UPDATED POSTS – yes change the time stamp

NEXT POST – INTEGRATING FB, more practically



What I’m aiming for is independence from the the big services
FB in my case


I don’t like some of the trends with FB:

  • The lack of control my content
  • FB’s ideas of ownership
  • A structure that encourages shallowness, everything drops off the edge and is essentially gone.
  • The advertising (although adblock helps keep that under control).


I am interested in using some of the ideas from The IndieWeb which is a is a people-focused alternative to the ‘corporate web’. If you want to see my Plain English summary look at Indieweb Summary


getting started, again


TESTING, TESTING 1, 2, 3 , 4
I’m working on again

I have this understanding of the Internet as a network of connected nodes and that there are probably enough nodes but not enough connections between them.

Some of it is about ownership, people can claim to own the nodes but they can’t really claim to own the connections, although I suppose FB is trying to.

There is also the arithmetic, if we have 1 million nodes and we build another node we have 1 million and 1 nodes
If we make 1 more connection in a connected network we can make more than a million new connections

Say the nodes are people, Mary, Rod, James Bill and Walter all connected to each other, sharing skills, talents and energy
5 people
(5X4X3X2X1) 60 possible connections

And there is another networks, Anthony, Bryan, Yu&6 and Gavin

Say the two networks coalesce
8 people and 1 bot
60X(6X7X8) 20,160 possible connection

The magic is in the connections.