What is this?

This is  my personal website, I use it to coordinate and manage my life in cyberspace.

I understand that anything worth doing, is done in the company of other humans…
I share this space with other people I work with, mostly humans so far.

I’m happy to share it with you, and and help you put together what ever you need
send me email at roy@hanfling.id.au

You could run a free blog from here:

  • a full wordpress site, with your own URL
  • an application, like a chatgroup or a sales page for your thingy
  • all kinds of wonderful things.You could have one of anything you see here or anything you see on any wordpress blog, really.

If you can pay me that would be nice, if you can’t and you are working on something that I share an interest in then that might also be fine.
If you see something here that you would like to help with, let us know. There is always , design, coding, editing, writing and maintenance tasks if you want to help, have a look here,  http://royhanfling.com/do-you-want-a-job/ or contact me http://royhanfling.com/contact/

Everything I do is a project of some kind and  a project will include, resources, be part of networks and evolve over time